Zoe Grace

Signs are there to help us navigate our way through our every day, directing us towards a destination and place of safety and calm.

For more than a decade, Zoe Grace has been enlightening the lives of pedestrians and London folk with her illuminating and uplifting street signs. Grace began creating street signs when her son first started going to school on his own. To prevent him getting lost she left signs for him at bus stops and along the roads to guide him in the right direction.

As a rule signs are constructed to provide warning and caution but not Grace's! Her take on these commonly found everyday instructions brings us a more hopeful message especially when they come in the shape of eye test boxes and traffic warnings! Unlike her light works, her modified street signs are not exhibited – they are left for the public to see and enjoy for as long as they remain where they sit. 

Zoe Grace has had two set out shows with Rhodes Contemporary Art Gallery and has been a regular at ArtBasel Miami for the last three years. It doesn't stop there! She has worked with Apple Music to create and design a light filled event for their 2017 iTunes Festival and has continued to to work with them on several of their musicians Album launches. One piece is currently seen on the on the sleeve of Noel Gallaghers latest album.

Grace has also made guests appearances on the Davina McCall TV series Happiness, the Jonathan Ross Radio Arts Show and several art panels. The most recent being a discussion on gender bias in the Art World at The Hospital Club.

Never one to slow down her creativity she is currently working with the UN on a project to raise gender awareness through women in art as well as launching a new positive pants line, whilst preparing for a solo show to be shown in Spring 2020.