Violeta Sofia


Cameroonian born, London based Violeta Sofia, is a photographer, painter and creative director, who has been working professionally for the last 10 years . Focusing mainly on fashion photography. In 2018 a transformation year for women, Violeta has been able to expand her practice into painting as she was exhibiting her painting at the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts, Summer Exhibition 2018, and her photographs continue to be published in magazines like Virtuogenix and Cole magazine. Her clients include Top Shop and Harvey Nichols. Violeta is now using her talents in fine art to talk about social l issues, which might leave some feeling rightfully uncomfortable.

Altogether, it is fair to say that her eclectic style is tantamount to her art: controversy and contradictions. Marlboro's Cigarette Boxes is a series of screen print canvasses, reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans. The first cigarette packet is titled “Competition for Natural Resources Kills More People than Cigarettes”, The messages are about current political issues and of history.

The concept was inspired by Violeta's student from Lebanon, he had a Marlboro cigarette box which had ‘Smoking kills’ written in Arabic as a warning message. Violeta found the American cigarette packet with the Arabic writing to be uncomfortable as it was simultaneously collaborative and contrasting.

"This made me think about the amount of money and care invested in health warning for tobacco products, predominately to stop people from dying of cancer and to protect the western world from escalating medical costs. I then compared it to the higher number of smoking and non-smoking individuals that would die  because of war. No warning messages are being created to support the vulnerable and disadvantage. Human beings are the biggest health risk to other humans, we should all carry a warning sign.”

"The human race seems hell bent on repeating the same mistakes of the past as the battle for natural resources, fuelled by consumerism, war and the quest or power threatens the very existence of humanity."