Jess Albert



Albert studied Fine Art & Printmaking at Central St Martin’s and acquired a First Class BA Hons degree. From there she worked as a scenic painter for film and then specialised in decorative paint effects, murals and gilding and now working for a restoration company in many buildings across London. 

In recent years, the artist has returned to fine art and produced a series of insect illustrations, paintings and digital (glicee) prints. Her obsession with insects started when she was a child taking long walks with her dad in North London and Cornwall. His interest in animals rubbed off on her and lead her to become fascinated with the infinite variations of species especially in insects.

Jess' work is about the beautiful and the grotesque, mixing the scary with the stunning. Her hybrid insects are made up of many different parts. This could be, say, a wasp’s abdomen, moth wings or beetle pincers. The work draws you in with the beauty of a butterfly only to discover it has spider’s legs, so may challenge a few phobias and create unease!  Some work contains foliage, lichen or fungus, thereby forming a medley of nature’s wonders. Recently Jess has been drawing on her craft of gilding and marbling so combining the inert with the living - a real mix of nature’s beauty.

​​Jess' work has been exhibited at the Talented Art Fair and New Artist Fair at the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, Etsy Local Market, Handmade in Highgate, Handmade at Kew 2017, Highgate Fair in the Square and markets and pop ups for Muswell Hill Creatives, the designer maker collective of which she is a member.