Andy Burns Colwill


Andrew is a prolific artist producing work since his teens, having sold his first piece at 14 years of age. He creates beautiful provocative soak stained canvasses that contain hard hitting themes challenging our thoughts on the environment, politics and our modern economy.

Self taught Andy is now of hand full of artists world-wide that uses his characteristic soak and stain technique, which has formed from necessity as a young artist not being able to afford professional canvasses. Unbeknown to the young Colwill this process had been adopted by his predecessors before him, especially found in abstract works from Jackson Pollock, Helen Frankenthaler and Morris Louis. This aesthetic has been developed over the years to create unique skilfully detailed collections of  work.

Having grown with the street art community along with Banksy and the graffiti scene, many of his early work could be seen on the side of shops and buildings around Bristol. Since witnessing major political events such as Brexit and Donald Trump coming into power Andy decided his work really needed to say something, something that would leave a legacy and enlighten ours and future generations to come. His deeply reflective and powerful commentary on society today defines his work with every brush stroke making Andrew one of the most compelling artists on the scene today.