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Alijoe Designs

Debbie Carne spent the first 40 years of her working life in the wonderful worlds of advertising and qualitative research. She really wanted a change and that change to be something completely different using some of her skills but in a totally different industry. 

Having always had a creative streak but never quite knowing how or where to apply it, even after training to be a barista Decoupage came the closest to being the 'one' when she started to decorate bamboo platters with old advertising and marketing materials. 

The vision all came together when Debbie took a short course learning about applying design to ceramics and loved the process and saw potential for great results. The idea then came to work with a collection of one of vintage plates she already had at home. Debbie started creating quirky, playful imagery and the ‘leap’ came to her when she thought about the contrast of unexpected, witty imagery on traditional crafted vintage plates and ceramics.